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Get Daily yields securely, equally and transparently at best rates on the market. Keep access to your staked assets at all times. Deposit Stable Coins, we'll do the rest
Each pool token is 1:1 backed by the underlying assets Redeemable for the underlying assets cash values
Lithium is secure to the core
Built to Last
Built in alliance with seasoned institutions and experienced traders
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Open Source
The future must be accessible to all, so our protocol is open source.
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We are engaging one of the highly-ranked blockchain security company to audit the technology.
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The stakes remain completely under your control, without intermediaries.
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What is a tokenized staking Vault:
The WLHC staking Vault is a smart contract used to facilitate the on-chain subscription, issuance, and redemption of WLHC tokens in exchange for USDC. Smart contracts are self-executing programs that allow transactions between multiple parties to be conducted without an intermediary when predetermined conditions are met. Transactions with the Lithium Pooling Vault are settled in real time on a 24/7 basis. Minting is instant while redemption will be immediate provided there is USDC liquidity.
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How it works
How to Get Yields from Your Assets Using Lithium
Deposit Your Stable
Deposit the desired amount of Your Stable coins you want to stake on the platform.
Receive WLHC
Receive WLHC tokens, which represent share in the Asset pool.
Earn Rewards
With your staking asset while using liquid token for other purposes.
Just exchange anytime your WLHC tokens back for Stable coins with the accumulated yield.